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Medical Waste Disposal in El Paso

As El Paso’s trusted and highly reviewed medical waste disposal company, you can leave the dirty work to us! Our qualified team is ready to provide reliable disposal services for all types of medical waste. Get top quality for your business by working with the best and most experienced staff. Contact us for a consultation and estimates. Discover our great customer service, today!

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Mediwaste Disposal is:

  • Fully licensed and certified

  • Compliant with all regulations

  • Bonded and insured   

  • Responsive and Accountable to your specific needs

  • Tailored services with simple scheduling

  • Your online or on-site OSHA & HIPAA Training Resource

Mediwaste Disposal provides complete transparency in pricing with no hidden fees and flexible contracts. We take pride in providing superior value to our customers through our dedicated customer service at an affordable cost. Our online compliance portal is available 24-7 for access to manifests and online trainings such as HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens and many more.


Our Services and Products

Regulated medical waste removal is an essential component of many health care facilities, doctor’s offices, and other commercial businesses. The complete and proper disposal of red bags and sharps waste is essential in preventing government fines and/or the spread of infectious diseases or harmful chemicals.


Mediwaste Disposal is your solution. We ensure that your biohazard waste is taken care of accordingly, from start to finish. We are not only transporters of medical waste, but we also ensure its proper disposal at our facilities.


Our full-service capabilities and safety standards protect our customers and the environment from risks associated with biohazard handling, transportation, and disposal. Our new disinfection services are a great addition to our lineup of complete medical waste treatment and disposal.


Simply put, leave the dirty work to us!

Our full lineup of services include:

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We Provide the Transportation & Disposal Services You Need

Mediwaste Disposal is a versatile and dependable medical waste disposal company and treatment facility that provides a wide range of services. From biohazard waste to sharps, chemo-trace, and pharmaceutical waste disposal we cover the gamut of medical waste handling. We also provide emergency services and same-day services and ensure full compliance with OSHA and HIPAA requirements.


We are fully equipped to handle all waste and have our own treatment facilities to guarantee complete services from pick-up to disposal.

Offering Medical Waste Disposal For:


About Mediwaste Disposal

Since 2013, Mediwaste has been serving the medical community by providing reliable and complete medical waste disposal. Our approach to the industry has always been about providing complete services that make the jobs of medical professionals and their establishments much easier. We pride ourselves in providing efficient and effective service that is fully compliant with regulations and offers peace of mind. We not only transport medical waste, but we also have treatment facilities that ensure safe disposal.

No hidden fees. No surprises. Flexible contracts. We offer complete transparency and superior customer service, so you never get the runaround. You will always speak to a live person without being tossed around from voicemail to voicemail.

  • Certified with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as a Type V Medical Waste Processing Facility

  • Certified with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to transport and store regulated medical waste

  • Certified with the New Mexico Environment Department for Environmental Protection Division Solid Waste Bureau to transport medical waste.

  • Certified with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to transport and store regulated medical waste.

  • TCEQ Transport: MSW50155​​

  • TCEQ Treatment: MSW40262

  • TCEQ Certifications​

  • NMED Certifications​

  • NMED #0066624

  • ADEQ Certifications​

  • ADEQ Transport: TR513334.00


"The employees of Mediwaste are friendly and offer service in a timely manner. We appreciate the professionalism."

-H. Barraza

"Thank you for the services you have provided for us. All your staff is super professional and courteous. We love having you as our vendor. Once again thank you for all you do for us."

-Rosa R.

“Mediwaste Disposal’s online training is a great tool to assist administrators in managing and tracking the training needs for all staff.  Not to mention that their customer service is always available to answer any questions or concerns.” 

-R. Chong


"I wanted to thank you all for your great service and for having such great employees. They are very professional at what they do." 

 -C. Samaniego

Get Started With Us, Today!

Working with us is simple. Call for a free quote. We not only offer competitive pricing but make the process simple for you. Once you have your quote, we can set up everything over the phone, provide all of our information and details about our services, and start hauling off your medical waste immediately.

Contact Us for a Free Quote

Never worry about your medical waste disposal process again. Rest assured that Mediwaste Disposal has you covered from start to finish. Not only do we pick up and transport the waste, but we use our own treatment facilities for proper disposal.


Connect with us today and find out why we’re the most trusted medical waste disposal company in the region. Want a quick, free quote? Simply fill out this form!

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