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Properly Packaging Your Waste

Attention All Mediwaste Customers,

Is your waste packaged properly? Properly packaged regulated medical waste is imperative for the safety of your staff and our Mediwaste staff.

Below are key steps involved in the packaging process:

Step 1: Make sure RMW container is lined with provided red bag.

Step 2: Place the APPROPRIATE medical waste in the RMW container. Loose needles, syringes, general trash and recycling cannot be thrown away in the red bag. Sharps should be disposed of in a disposable sharps container before being placed in red bag. *

Step 3: Tie the bag: leave room at the top of the bag to be able to securely tie it off. **

Step 4: Prepare waste for pick up: once bags are tied off, the box or container should be securely closed/sealed. Containers should be completely closed, no red bags should be visible from the outside of the container. Container should be labeled with generator label.

*Trace chemotherapy waste, pathological waste, and Rx expired, Non Hazardous Rx are forms of RMW but should be further segregated and packaged.

**Staff is required by OSHA to be properly trained, before packaging regulated medical waste. DOT for Regulated Medical Waste, is the required course and is offered as part of our Compliance Training Portal.

Mediwaste drivers by law are not allowed to handle waste not properly packaged. Please note that a fee will be applied if we arrive for your pick up and the waste is not properly packaged.

Please email us if you would like more information on our OSHA portal training courses or need more information regarding segregating RMW streams. We are always happy to help land want to be your go-to source for medical waste disposal.

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