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Who Regulates Medical Waste Disposal in El Paso, Texas?

Most El Paso healthcare professionals understand there are certain ways medical waste must be managed and disposed of. However, few people know the sheer number of medical waste regulators. The health of your staff, the general public, the environment, and your facility’s reputation could be negatively affected if you don't follow medical waste disposal rules laid out by the regulatory agencies.

Due to the importance of proper medical waste disposal, many businesses choose to hire a compliant medical waste disposal firm to handle the challenging medical waste disposal process on their behalf.

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Numerous federal agencies collectively detail the guidelines for medical waste disposal since improper medical waste treatment can threaten staff, the public's health, and the environment. The following are the main regulatory bodies that manage disposal wastage of each sector in El Paso, Texas.

Regulation of Medical Waste Disposal at the State Level

In addition to federal rules, each state has its own laws and departments with authority to control the disposal of bio-medical and standard medical waste. Twenty-nine states have given federal OSHA permission to enforce OSHA standards in their states, requiring OSHA training for medical staff. However, this does not cover local environmental, drug enforcement, or departments that may have overlapping jurisdictions.

Individuals and businesses who deal with medical waste should become familiar with all applicable local laws. You can find the rules that apply to your state by using the constant monitoring that the Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform (EnvCAP) has created.

Regulation at the Federal Level

Under its Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) controls medical waste safety on the job. According to the regulation, all workers who interact with medical waste must receive annual OSHA training on handling, storing, labeling, and transporting it properly.

Facilities with occupational contact with infectious materials must also submit an annual exposure control plan outlining all potential hazards, evaluation procedures, and a timetable for how the institution will maintain compliance, according to the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard.

Regulation of Drugs Disposal in El Paso, Texas

Traditionally, the Drug Enforcement Agency's (DEA) interaction with medical waste has not been constrained. Instead, DEA laws have expanded the alternatives for the disposal of prescription medications. Due to concerns over restricted medications ending up in possession of someone other than the individual who was initially given the medication, the DEA promotes proper prescription disposal.

The Controlled Substance Act was enlarged by the Disposal Act of 2010, making it simpler for public and private organizations to safely dispose of undesired prescriptions rather than just throwing them in the trash. Individuals now have the choice to get rid of their unwanted drugs by using authorized collection containers, postal services, and take-back events.

Regulation of Transportation Disposal in El Paso, Texas

Any substance that is thought to be capable of causing an unreasonable danger to the health, safety, or properties of the general public while being carried is subject to the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) of the Department of Transportation (DOT). The HMR has recently been revised to include biological agents, cultures, and patient samples in the concept of medical waste.

The Department of Transportation mandates that the shipper adheres to rigid packaging and transportation safety regulations for controlled medical waste. Additionally, all personnel working on the assembly process must receive the necessary training.

Regulation of Postal Disposal in El Paso, Texas

The United States Postal Service (USPS) permits limited amounts of medical waste to be delivered to treatment facilities since medical waste must go through treatment procedures before disposal and most medical waste generators aren't prepared to treat their waste in-house. USPS has established requirements for packaging medical waste before sending, and it requires that all products be sent through USPS-approved containers.

El Paso businesses that deal with medical waste can assist facilities with sending their garbage by offering USPS-certified container ships and destruction labels that describe the shipment and treatment processes in detail for your records. Additionally, these containers adhere to DOT transportation regulations.

Medical Waste Disposal and OSHA Training in El Paso

If you are looking for the required OSHA medical waste handling training or need assistance with proper medical waste disposal in El Paso or the surrounding areas, Mediwaste Disposal can help. We offer skilled and compliant medical waste disposal services in El Paso, Texas, and can ensure your business meets all the necessary requirements, keeping your employees, patients, and others safe. Call (844) 633-4669 to learn more!


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