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mediwaste providing Disinfection Services

Disinfection Service in El Paso 


Commercial Cleaning Service - Protect Your Facility From Harmful Infections

Mediwaste Disposal is proud to offer top disinfection services for the El Paso region and beyond. As a local, professional and reliable company experienced in dealing with biohazard disinfection, we’re here to help. We are proud to be a highly reviewed regulated waste disposal company that offers advanced sanitized cleaning solutions. 


Whether it’s a hospital building, doctor’s office, or other medical facilities, we provide free estimates on our quality disinfecting. Check out our reviews and call us for a consultation. View our ratings and find out more about our great customer service!

Why Professional Disinfecting Services Make the Difference 

As a regulated medical waste disposal company, we are all too familiar with the many infectious pathogens that medical facilities treat and deal with and how easily they spread and contaminate. Our disinfection services utilize the most advanced electrostatic sprayer technology fused with an EPA-registered certified organic solution that destroys everything in its path while keeping the environment safe. We also offer same-day service for your convenience. 

Industries We Serve 

When it comes to disinfecting surfaces, facilities, or medical offices, we work across various industries and serve the entire community. Facilities we typically disinfect include:


  • Hospitals

  • Surgical centers

  • Dental offices

  • Pediatric offices

  • Other commercial facilities that deal with a high volume of people or exposure


Take the safety and health of your facility to a new level with high-end spray technology that provides long-term protection. Take advantage of our same-day service and combat infectious pathogens like SARS and COVID-19. 

The Safe and Reliable Way to Destroy Dangerous Pathogens 

Our disinfection services focus on eliminating all traces of dangerous pathogens while maintaining a safe environment for people and pets. Simply put, we do disinfection right. The benefits of our disinfection solutions and methods include: 


  • EPA-registered, certified organic, and food-safe solutions

  • Advanced electrostatic sprayer technology 

  • Pet and human safe

  • No harsh chemicals or odors

  • Environmentally safe

  • 24/7 services available 

  • Kills 99.9% of common and dangerous pathogens 

  • Can be used on all surfaces including food contact surfaces

  • Does not damage electronics or sensitive equipment 

Choose Mediwaste for Advanced Disinfection and Safe Chemicals

Our professional staff is highly trained in dealing with hazardous and infectious materials and environments. Not only do we provide superior disinfection technology, but we have a team that gets the job done right. Our focus is always on effective disinfecting solutions and the safety of everyone involved. Our electrostatic equipment is top-of-the-line and applies antimicrobial coatings on surfaces—which kills, disinfects, and prevents the build-up of bacteria for some time. We prioritize: 


  • Safety - training with the proper process, chemicals, and equipment

  • Effectiveness - working to destroy dangerous pathogens and ensure a safe environment

  • Availability - always there to assist you, 24/7


Our fast-acting technology allows you to get back to work immediately. 

Kill Pathogens & Stay Safe with Superior Disinfection Services 

Keep your facility and operation running. Our disinfection services provide the peace of mind you need to know you’re doing everything possible to keep your facility clear of dangerous pathogens and safe for patients and patrons. We are available 24/7. Call Mediwaste Disposal today and get an estimate on advanced disinfection services. 


PROTECT your staff & patients from pathogens

For more information or questions, call our toll free number, 844-633-4669 or send us a message below.


Mediwaste Disposal is now offering a disinfection service for our customers to ensure that your facilities are protected from the threat of harmful infections.

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