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We provide HIPAA Training

Convenient and Accessible HIPAA Training in El Paso

Mediwaste Disposal provides accessible online HIPAA training to help providers and facilities receive the necessary training to comply with federal law. Our HIPAA training solutions make the process convenient and easy to access. 

What is HIPAA and Why is it Important?

Anyone who works in the healthcare industry knows that HIPAA is central to understanding privacy rights and patient rights. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 requires that employees, workers, and anyone who deals with private health information receive continuous training and refresher training to stay current on changes in protocol and security measures when dealing with a patient’s private information.

Get in Compliance and Stay in Compliance with HIPAA Training 

HIPAA is updated yearly, so facilities and healthcare workers should receive annual training to ensure they are trained in the latest information. Hefty penalties and fines are imposed on individuals or entities that violate HIPAA rules. So, for healthcare providers or any entity that handles medical information, compliance ensures there is no disruption in the operations and that you are fulfilling your duty to patients and their privacy. Compliance is an ongoing process and why you want to receive training from a trusted entity. 

What Does HIPAA Training involve? 

HIPAA training involves reviewing updated information or changes made in the past year. HIPAA training also involves reviewing and studying HIPAA requirements, a rigorous review of what constitutes protected health information, protocols on securing this information and handling it properly, as well as an overview of HIPAA violations or breaches that may result in fines. During your HIPAA training, you will learn: 


  • How to keep patient protected health information (PHI)

  • More about patient rights

  • Notification rules about privacy breaches

  • Managing protected health information requests 

How Does Our Training Process Work? 

Mediwaste Disposal’s HIPAA training solutions offer an accessible and user-friendly portal that allows you and your employees to log in and complete training at their own pace. The process is easy, simply:


  • Call us to sign up and enroll

  • Begin your training!


Our staff is always here to help if you run into any questions or problems. We also offer on-site training upon request. 

Get the Training and Support You Need to Stay Compliant! 

We know the importance of keeping your medical facility safe, compliant, and at the service of your patients and staff. We provide accessible online HIPAA training that you can complete at your own pace. We also offer on-site training upon request. The best part? Our knowledgeable staff provides live phone assistance and customer service. 


Enroll today. Call us to get compliant and stay in compliance.

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