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Providing Professional Pathological Waste Disposal in the El Paso Region

Mediwaste Disposal provides reliable pathological waste collection and disposal services to the El Paso and Southwest region. As a subcategory of biohazardous waste, pathological waste presents unique logistical challenges for many facilities. It’s not your typical red bag regulated waste—yet every state outlines specific protocols on how to separate, treat, and dispose of pathological waste. If you need pathological disposal services, there’s only one team to call! Mediwaste Disposal is here to help.

What is Pathological Waste? 

Regulatory agencies like OSHA have narrowed down their guidelines on what falls under this category. Every state, however, might vary slightly. Generally speaking, pathological medical waste refers to human or animal tissue, organs, or body parts. It might be the result of surgical procedures, amputations, or specimen research. Organs might be filled with blood or other bodily fluids that pose an infectious threat. Common pathological waste includes:


  • Anatomical parts (including organs or body parts)

  • Human or animal tissue removed in surgical procedures

  • Tissue samples 

The Pathological Disposal Process — How It Works

We try to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. The government and its regulatory bodies have done a thorough job in setting guidelines for dealing with regulated medical waste. Pathological waste is usually separated from red bag regulated medical waste because it may pose different types of challenges, be filled with bodily fluids, and/or be contaminated with dangerous pathogens or infectious agents.  


Depending on how much pathological waste your facility generates, you can choose to separate it accordingly. There are strict guidelines about the labeling and classification of pathological waste to ensure adequate disposal.


Call us to set up a pick-up schedule and our drivers take care of business. The process consists of:


  • Collection: We collect your pathological waste directly from your facility. Our team follows safety protocols and guidelines to ensure safe transfer from your facility to our vehicles.

  • Treatment: The treatment of regulated medical waste and pathological waste depends on several factors.

  • Disposal: Depending on the state and the type of medical waste, the disposal stage is about ensuring there is no environmental damage or consequences. Mediwaste has on-site autoclave and disposal facilities where we ensure every piece of waste is autoclaved and/or discarded appropriately.   

Facilities That May Need Pathological Waste Removal 

There are several kinds of healthcare facilities that produce pathological medical waste. These facilities include but are not limited to: 


  • Hospitals

  • Surgical centers

  • Cosmetic surgery centers

  • Laboratories 

  • Veterinary clinics 

Avoid Fines and Liability with Professional Pathological Waste Disposal 

You are likely aware of the many federal and state regulations that require strict guidelines in the labeling, segregation, treatment, and disposal of pathological waste. 

Mediwaste specializes in helping medical facilities properly dispose of their regulated medical waste and pathological waste. With our own disposal facilities, there is no need for a third party. We complete the job from start to finish. 


Avoid penalties and ensure the safety of workers and the environment through a trusted medical waste disposal company. Call us today and let us take care of it. 

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