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Create your OSHA required safety plans in less than one hour with our online plan builder.
• Hazard Communications
• Exposure Control
• Fire Prevention
• Emergency Preparedness
Identify compliance deficiencies by taking in-depth audits of your facility.  Includes applicable OSHA regulations.
Complete your required Hazcom, Bloodborne Pathogens, and HIPAA Training online in less than an hour. This interactive multimedia training includes a certificate of completion.
Simplify your MSDS/SDS management. Search, view, print, store, and organize your Safety Data Sheets for full OSHA/JCAHO compliance.

Find Quality OSHA Training in the El Paso area 


Being informed and prepared about the proper segregation, treatment, and disposal of regulated medical waste doesn’t have to be a headache. Mediwaste Disposal provides a powerful online solution to ensure compliance with federal regulations. Our OSHA training offers the guidance and education you need to learn best practices and protocols related to medical waste disposal. At Mediwaste Disposal, we can provide all of your OSHA compliance training through our convenient online safety program. 

Do it online and at your convenience! 

The Role of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration 


The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) was created in 1970 with the goal of overseeing and providing safe and healthy working conditions. The organization sets standards across various industries and provides training, education, and assistance. OSHA training and compliance is an important component of every medical facility, as it ensures safety protocols and safe methods for dealing with hazardous materials. 

OSHA Training & Compliance in Medical Waste Disposal

Most medical facilities that produce regulated medical waste must adhere to standards and directives from regulating bodies like OSHA and their local or state governments. These agencies impose fines or penalties for failure to follow safety protocols and procedures related to the OSHA biohazard waste disposal.


We offer the following:


Preparing for an OSHA Inspection 

OSHA may impose fines up to $7,000 for workplace hazards. As part of our OSHA safety audits, Mediwaste’s online safety program provides essential information and guidance regarding safety guidelines. The program includes:


  • Safety Data Sheet (MSDS/SDS) management

  • Safety plan builder

  • Safety audits

  • Training 

  • Federal regulations

  • And more

How to Enroll in the Mediwaste Online Training 

We’re proud to offer compliance training that is convenient and easy to access. It is all done through our website and online portal. At the end of the training, you receive a completion certificate to show you have completed the training. You can log in any time of day, which makes training accessible and efficient. Work at your own pace and manage your compliance needs with our one-stop solution. 


Our training offers:


  • 24/7 access

  • Live phone service

  • On-site training available 

Find the Information You Need and Stay Safe with OSHA Compliant Training

Compliance is about more than avoiding fines and penalties. It’s also about providing valuable information that helps employees and workers stay safe. Our training provides accessible information, learn-at-your-own-pace instruction, and immediate certificates for completion.


Do you need to get your facility up to date and ensure you’re in full compliance? Call Mediwaste today and speak to one of our team members or chat with us online!

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